“Old Salties”

01 May

I have yet to actually buy anything from Foodzie, but a product called Old Salties from an email of theirs inspired me – not to buy but to make. I figured, they’ve only got a couple of ingredients, how hard can it be to replicate? We were invited to a work barbecue/going away party for one of Woody’s coworkers, which I was pretty sure would involve lots of young people imbibing copious amounts of beer, so what better proving ground for my first attempt?

Ideally I should have started with unsalted, unroasted peanuts, but I only had a bag of Trader Joe’s roasted and salted peanuts already in my pantry. I did already have some old Old Bay seasoning from experiments of years past – it probably would have also worked better to have new Old Bay seasoning. In the end, they turned out very very salty, and quite greasy (though definitely with a hint of bacon), but I kept getting slurred compliments about them at the party, so I’ll take it! Someday I’ll have to buy the “real things” and see how mine compared.


  • Peanuts (preferably unroasted and unsalted)
  • Bacon grease (I made about 5 slices of bacon)
  • Old Bay seasoning
  • Brown sugar


I’m still new at this “inventing recipes” thing, so I didn’t keep great track of amounts or times. If you’re careful, you can figure it out on your own. I believe I had the oven at 350. I mixed all the peanuts, grease, Old Bay, and brown sugar together, then baked them. After I took them out, I added a bit more Old Bay. Yum!

Old Salties (and Greasies):

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