Avocado and Tortilla Sandwich

16 Jun

I’ve recently discovered this is the best quick lunch ever. I somehow ran across it on the internet as something someone’s grandma used to feed them when she wanted them to mellow out, and it sounded amazing.

This also coincided with my discovering that when I heard about people warming up tortillas on the grate over a bare gas flame they actually weren’t nuts (I figured it would be too prone to burning, but as long as you flip it a lot and stop when charred bits start forming, tortillas are actually quite moist and don’t burn). It’s a great way to enjoy tortillas and make them seem more fresh (especially if you’ve refrigerated them while storing).

I’ve tried adding things like sliced green onions, which was OK, but just plain avocado with salt, pepper, lime, and hot sauce is a great combo, and keeps the size down so it doesn’t explode too much when you cut it into manageable pieces. I do have a hankering to try putting bacon bits in though – that would probably be great.


  1. Heat and toast 2 tortillas (I use smallish corn ones from Trader Joe’s, they’re labeled “Handmade”) on a bare gas stove burner grate on high until they’ve got some brownish spots, flip often (every few seconds) with tongs to ensure they don’t burn.
  2. Take a small to medium size ripe avocado, slice it in half, remove pit, checkerboard score the flesh of both halves.
  3. Put one toasted tortilla in a pan over low flame (I use a small cast iron pan). Squeeze the skins of both avocado halves to extract the flesh onto the tortilla. Mash into relatively even layer with a fork.
  4. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, lime, and hot sauce. You could add other stuff but in order to keep it manageable and not explody when you cut it, minimalism is best.
  5. Put the other tortilla on top and flip it after a while – this step is just to warm everything up to a consistent temperature, especially if the avocado was refrigerated to prevent over-ripening. When everything is to the desired warmth, put it on a cutting board or plate and cut into quarters with a knife.
  6. Enjoy!

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